Tag cloud of random sizes in pure CSS

02 November 2015

Last week I faced a need to make a fake tag cloud, where the words need to be of different size. This was needed for a presentation slide, and as my slides are always in HTML/CSS, must be implemented with these technologies. It is always possible to inject some JavaScript and code anything. But what about pure CSS, do we get random sizes there?

An answer to the question which should not have been asked

07 September 2015

I never thought that I would write a post about diversity. But as the unicorn law says that being a woman in tech you will be eventually speaking about women in tech, I do so now. However I'm doing this not because it is a strong will of mine. Something happened which makes me to respond.

Style-guide the smaller things

30 July 2015

I've been presenting SC5 Style Guide several times during this year sharing my experience of using it for one of the SC5's clients, Elisa. Assuming that Elisa is a huge mobile operator with a lot of websites and a need to keep those websites visually consistent, there is no wonder that the SC5 Style Guide as a tool provides benefits there. But what about smaller websites? Would it be useful there? I did not know the answer to this question and wanted to experiment. The experiment was conducted on my blog codebase.

JSCS in use

11 February 2015

This time I would like to share my experience of keeping a codestyle in one of my working projects. This is about a new tool called JSCS which we have recently chosen with the team and now are very pleased with the result.

Run on time (about Mac applications)

12 September 2014

I use the same laptop for both work and personal needs. This is useful but makes me see to keeping my work-life balance. I do this simply — turn off all the applications running when I finish my working day in the evening. The only issue is not to forget to open them again next day. But this process can be automatized. :-)

The so different frontend community and how we deal with it

30 June 2014

Long time ago I could read and learn about web development in Russian only. Later, having completed an English language course, I began to read articles and blogs in English more and more. The same went for conferences: I visited Russian-speaking conferences at first and later switched to English-speaking conferences in Europe. In both articles and conference talks, I noticed how the content was different depending on the language used. Sometime I even thought that the communities evolve in different ways and follow different directions.

Using side drawers in mobile apps on Steroids.js

09 June 2014

As a mobile apps user you may be already familiar to drawers. They are quite popular solution for a side menu. Using Steroids HTML5/JavaScript framework for hybrid mobile applications, you can bring such an interface solution into your product very easy.

Docpad with the taste of BEM

04 June 2014

Let me present a stub for docpad-run project with bem-built static assets. If you ever wanted to be a generic blog holder equiped with nice and neat static files, here we go.

HTML5 mobile apps with native UI on Steroids

26 May 2014

Recently I attended Front Trends 2014 in Warsaw. This is an awesome conference which you should (no, definitely have to!) attend in 2015. Besides incredible main programm Front Trends provides a set of Lighting Talks. This year I was a part of it presenting Steroids, a framework and a toolkit for developing HTML5 mobile apps. If you did not have a chance to hear it, this offline text presentation is for you.

Switching to bem-core#v2

16 April 2014

The bem-core library goes futher and there already is 2.0.0 version available. This blog was safely switched to the new major version with some diff to the code. Now so can do you. Careful examination of the version changelog will help you with it. Look how I did this.