Design Systems — review of vocabulary and terms

19 July 2018

IntroductionIn general, design systems is a systematic approach to creating and maintaining consistent user interfaces which coherently communicate the brand values and empower user experience.

Aspect of in-company communication for innovation

11 January 2018

Company internal communication is a crucial aspect of forming innovation-friendly environment, in which employees can effectively apply their expertise and creativity for achieving business goals.Creative people need “emotional ownership” in the goals and objectives, which becomes even more important speaking about the corporate world where such people are not co-founders but employees. (Sarasvathy, 2008) Establishing right communicational practices very much contributes to developing this kind of ownership and makes innovation possible.

What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?

04 January 2018

Last year, during my studies of IDBM program at Aalto University, I took a course "Design in Innovation Context" which covered entrepreneurial innovations and behavior. Even out of study context but in everyday life I have always been interested in the answer to the question “What is so special about entrepreneurs that makes them who they are?”. Below, I have tried to summarize the knowledge I got and answer this question.

Simple yet promising structure for React/Redux project

21 November 2016

Two weeks ago, I have started a new project of migrating a large website to React. Although this is not developing from scratch but refactoring, there still was a great chance to reconsider the project file structure in its client part.As a proof-of-concept, I have chosen a pair of components: shopping cart and adding button. This is e-commerce what we are building here :-) My initial goal was to create simple components and demonstrate their reusing as well as introduce Redux as a glue to the components in the data area. As a result, I think I provided a nice and neat structure which helps a developer to understand what serves what. On the other hand, I tried to keep it simple. In the beginning, there is no need in overcomplicated.

Week 44, 2016

08 November 2016

First thing first, I'm staring weekly posts about findings that are somehow related to work. This is a mature but not yet implemented idea. Although, a friend of mine Vladimir Starkov sometimes practises the same.In this issue there are tips on organizing Google Calendar, nice project management addition for GitHub, Styleguide solutions for React projects and a couple of good reads.

Living SC5 Styleguide, the next level

23 May 2016

When it comes to the large web applications, we often operate with complex components. Such components are not just CSS styles for the pieces of an interface but also their JavaScript interactions and templates. As documentation, the style guide should reflect them all. In other words, the components on the style guide's pages should be the same living as in production.

Simple React Angular project

19 May 2016

Earlier this year, I participated in a development of a single page application. With the team, we started this project from scratch. This situation was the most suitable to practice the new technologies.The stack I've tried was React + ES2015 + postcss + webpack. However, keeping in mind that most of the team (who were supposed to maintain the project later) are mainly experienced in Angular, I was looking for some sort of combination of these frameworks.

Materials for your React hackathon

16 April 2016

Being a frontend developer these days means to learn the new things every day. We read articles and blog posts, examine the changelogs, follow the Twitter announcements and participate in the GitHub discussions. This helps to keep up.However, when it comes to something bigger, like the exploring of a new framework or an ecosystem, it is not enough. The perfect solution is to organize a whole day hackathon for the developers in your company. At SC5 online, we took this advantage mastering the React development. Few ecosystem components such as webpack and redux came along.

Visual diffs for the images in a git repo

18 March 2016

My first task for new projects is to create a git repository. Whether it is a new app, or conference slides, or even an article, I prefer to keep everything in Git. It is an excellent tool, and, personally, I enjoy its command line interface.However, there is always room for improvement. Recently I found an idea how to make my git visualize the changes that I've done to the images in a repository.

Dealing atomically with icon fonts

10 November 2015

My recent huge project was developing a library of CSS and JavaScript components for sharing this code across a lot of web services and mobile apps. In most cases such work brings up question about how to avoid blocking the processes.The library has its own flow, and obviously the new things can only appear in new versions. Although I made my best to provide fast releases, and so the library has them 2-3 times a week, it is still understandable that the library customers sometimes cannot wait even an hour.I belive that one of the must-haves of UI library is the freedom which it should give to its customers. You can easily provide this if practice atomic approach everythere. For example, for the icon fonts.