BEML - an HTML preprocessor for BEM

09 April 2014

Depending on a project people prefer different ways to adapt BEM. This results into a range of tools for our choice. Today, I am translating Maxim Shkalin's description of the BEML templating pre-processor.Willing to lighten the development with BEM I propose a tiny extension for the HTML syntax (yes, I used to writ all those long CSS classes manually). As the name BEMHTML is greedily taken by the Yandex guys, let us call it BEML.

Borschik helps with remote static assets

10 March 2014

Last week I met the need to develop a web site which static assets have to be hosted on a different server and respond by different URLs…

YM Modular System. Why?

25 February 2014

The recently published step-by-step tutorial on i-bem.js mentioned YM modular system as a base for component JavaScript solution behind…

JavaScript in BEMJSON

21 January 2014

We usually start developing a web site prototyping the interface and then implementing HTML/CSS and bacis JavaScript. In case of using the…

Blocks are bricks, and bundles are buildings

06 January 2014

A couple of days ago I was asked about some basic things of using BEM project stub from someone who is enjoying the full BEM stack (BEM…

Custom fonts with no cramp

26 November 2013

A developer using custom fonts in web (don't say this is evil) usually face a dilemma. The users' main interest is the content of the page…

The Best Way to Hide

31 October 2013

There is a well-known front-end pattern which is to have hidden elements in DOM and make them visible when necessary. As with any good…

JavaScript components low basics

28 June 2013

This article features common problems that developers often face, or maybe used to face before the current open source era, when writing…

Patterned triangles with CSS

19 March 2013

As you might know, I recently run the BEM LOVE project to demonstrate how blocks can communicate with JavaScript. The first example is…