Finnish coolest trend - food made of insects; also a bit about weather and transport

Food of insects

Finns have started to eat crickets! This is not a figure of speech or an eye-catching headline but downright truth. Using insects for food is a new hot trend here in Finland. For some time, there have already been start-ups that offered food made of insects.

Different technology celebrities give speeches about the need to go over our superstitions and start eating our chitin friends for the sake of the planet. Nowadays, the trend extended — they started to add insect powder into regular products.

A couple of days ago Fazer released their new product: bread with crickets. As the tag says, each loaf contains at least 70 crickets and all of them are of local origin. OMG, I already can imagine how them escape the fabric :-/ As you can see, Finnish customers like the product; I only could catch empty shelves.


The xMas markets in Helsinki have started! Now we can drink mulled wine :-) It is a bit pricy, €6 for a glass. For the real xMas market spirit people travel to Germany or, if look closer, to Tallinn.


This is how our yard looked just 2 days ago. By now, the snow has melted because of +5. We may have proper winter by xMas but this is not guaranteed. Such xMases are even called “Black Christmas”🎄

Dangerous garbage

In Finland, people sort garbage. It’s not obligatory but everyone does it. However, not everything you can throw away at home. Burnt lamps we bring to a shop and put in the pile.


By the way, our poor metro was launched a couple of weeks ago! We even celebrated drinking orange cocktails (metro is also orange).

Busses to metro are not yet launched, so we go directly to the city centre. I managed to take a picture of navigator bus drivers use. There is also a display with numbers which shows 00.0, or 86.5, it 5.1. Not sure what It is for.

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