Design Systems Strategy

Kickstart a design system

In a need for a design system but not sure where to start at? I ran many of them in small to large organizations as well as gathered an encyclopaedic knowledge of their different aspects. I can help you to analyze your business and product situation, take into account the given resources and identify the shape for the design system which would serve best in your case.

Together with your designers and developers, or working on my own I can architecture and fulfil the first version UI kit and/or component library for your organization. I will tune the infrastructure to automate the life cycle of your design system and provide your personnel with extensive guides for the future support.

Boosting a design system

Leveling up an existing design system is one of the hardest but also my favorite task. If you already have a design system but feel that it could be better and help you more, I can step in.

I analyze the existing design systems from design, technical and managerial perspectives. All the three aspects may be provided with changes which boost the whole system to the next level. My work in this regard will include deep study of the structure of your organization and its workflows, design and technical audit of existing artefacts and tools as well as providing game-changing additions and modifications to all of these aspects.

TheDesign Systems — what else we can do?is a perfect start for this research and the following boost.

You can hire me and the whole Bridge-the-Gap team to set up, manage, develop, and champion your design system. I can align the design and development processes in your organisation for a larger business impact.

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