Design Systems and Components Production

Design system architecture and infrastructure

Whenever you already have a design system or are looking for a technical solution for the very first version of it, you will need foundational work for it. Meaning, setting up the architecture and infrastructure of the system that would support its operations and growth. Well done, such foundational work “contributes intangible, long-term results, such as increasing the velocity of feature launches”

Development of UI components

If you need well-designed and bulletproof-developed UI components, I will be happy to help. With my experience in designing systems, I can offer high level expertise allowing me to produce the components which are stable and can be easily integrated into the products with different architectural solutions behind the scenes.

Design system production

I can take care of all the technical aspects for your design system. That includes foundational archtecture set up, infrastucture machinery, and implementing of UI components. With the experience of setting up and manitaining different design systems with various technical solutions behind, I can help you to select frameworks and tools aligned with the requirements of your products and development teams. Well-managed, the process ensures both sucessful initial manufactoring and further smooth manitaining of your design system.

Need a whole team? I have one for you!

If you do not have your own specialists but are interested in getting a bunch of professionals working together, my business partners and I can offer a well-worked team that has proved itself at many projects.

Varya Stepanova
Engineering manager & team lead

Nikita Sherbakov
Software architect & senior frontend engineer

Irina Illustrova
Mid-level frontend developer

Sherif Saleh
Senior product designer

You can hire me and the whole Bridge-the-Gap team to set up, manage, develop, and champion your design system. I can align the design and development processes in your organisation for a larger business impact.

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