My work as a design system architect includes running the processes related to the design and development in large or regular organizations. It means inventing and shaping the processes through user interviews and data analysis, tuning the management tools and running new ones, working on company culture and increasing people's involvement, providing the technical infrastructure and guiding in design and development.

I offer a wide range of consulting services related to design systems (or design operations) and frontend development. Here are some examples of the roles I could take:

  • Engineering manager
  • Design system architect
  • Frontend architecture expert
  • Senior frontend developer
Regardless of the role you have in mind, contact me if you have a need to effectively align the work of your designers and developers, ensure brand and visual consistency in your products, and have a well-structured seamlessly working design system (all design, technical, or managerial aspects). You can find examples of possible projects among services or case studies at this website.

You can hire me to set up, manage, develop, and champion your design system. I can align the design and development processes in your organisation for a larger business impact.

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