F-Secure's Design System Strategy

05 June 2023

Over a period of two months at F-Secure, I had the opportunity to work on creating a design system strategy, working closely with the design and development teams. The journey started with user research, engaging with designers, developers, QA teams, and team leaders to understand their perspectives on the design system's creation and use.

Together, we organized two workshops and a presentation. Though the specific details of the workshop activities remain broad, the collective effort during these sessions helped shape a clear path toward a refined design system strategy. The discussions and exercises helped unveil important insights, creating a shared understanding of the design system's current state and the vision for its future.

The result of this work is detailed in a comprehensive report, outlining the current state of the design system, the direction for future creation and development, a roadmap to achieve this direction, and specific recommendations for design and development tools. This report reflects the collaborative spirit and intellectual exploration that marked every step of this journey.

As a Design System Strategist, my role was to navigate through diverse opinions, technical constraints, and envisioned goals, to arrive at a coherent and actionable design system strategy. The insights from user research, the collective wisdom from workshops, and ongoing dialogues with the teams were the guiding lights in this journey.

Principles and Insights

The design system strategy was built on a few core principles that emerged through our collective efforts:

  • Alignment: Establishing a common understanding among different stakeholders involved in the design system, fostering a collaborative environment.

  • Forward Vision: Creating a clear vision for the future of the design system, ensuring it remains an evolving entity that adapts to technological advancements and user expectations.

  • Actionable Roadmap: Drawing a practical roadmap with clear milestones, ensuring a structured progression towards the envisioned state of the design system.

  • Tool Appropriateness: Recommending tools that align with the technical ecosystem of F-Secure and empower designers and developers to contribute to and use the design system effectively.

The narrative of F-Secure's design system strategy is now clearly outlined, ready to be brought to life by the talented teams at F-Secure. The roadmap laid out is practical, the insights are actionable, and the journey ahead is promising. Through collaborative efforts and a structured approach, the design system at F-Secure is set to evolve into a powerful catalyst for delivering excellent digital experiences.

You can hire me and the whole Bridge-the-Gap team to set up, manage, develop, and champion your design system. I can align the design and development processes in your organisation for a larger business impact.

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