Switching to bem-core#v2

The bem-core library goes futher and there already is 2.0.0 version available. This blog was safely switched to the new major version with some diff to the code. Now so can do you. Careful examination of the version changelog will help you with it. Look how I did this.

When a new bem library version is released its changelog is published on the official BEM website. You can examine the list of changes for bem-core 2.0.0.

The changelog is divided into 3 parts: breaking, marjor and minor changes.

Breaking changes takes most of your attention. As you can see, they declare removing of some basic methods as well as hosting some code in different repositories. Thus, if you used some of the listed methods, the switch pushes you to refactor your code a little bit.

The major changes are less critical but might case some code changes as well. In this version BEM team provided new syntax for defining the blocks in JavaScript. This change is not breaking as the old syntax still works. However it is nice to go through a small refactoring and switch to the new type of module declaration keeping your code neat for the future.

The same goes for the change to DOM helpers. With getting the context as a result of using those helpers you can get rid of a couple of lines per block.

Summing it up, switcing to the new version should be your happiest time as you have a ready-made excuse to dive into refactoring.

Did you notice a typo? Welcome to edit this page on GitHub. Thank you!