How to build a Design System as a team

Workshop which tailors processes in the design system team

Half-day workshop for teams and individuals interested in managing design system teams and running smooth processes for such projects. During this workshop, the participants go through a set of exercises. Each exercise exposes a problem teams usually face when working with design systems. Hosts and participants will share their experience of the subject, discuss possible solutions and outline best practises. All to empower participants to champion smooth and successful building and managing of design systems.

Workshop contains

  • Introduction to design systems, up to the level of the participants;
  • Deciding design system content;
  • Working with the backlogs;
  • Tailoring process via Pattern Journey exercise.

This workshop had a great run on the 18th of October 2018 in Intergalactico office in London. With 10 attendees we formed 2 very diversed and multidisciplinary teams which worked very enthusiasticaly and creatively inventing the very best design system processes.

Workshop on team processes for you

If you are interested in editions of this workshop for your company or conference, feel free to email me to

You can hire me to set up, manage, develop, and champion your design system. I can align the design and development processes in your organisation for a larger business impact.

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