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BEM CSS Workshop

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Little frontend exersise

What makes CSS hard?

What really makes CSS hard?

Where CSS is hard?

This is not hard in CSS This is!
#sidebar ul li a {  color: red;  display: block;  padding: 1em;}
#sidebar ul li a {  color: red;  display: block;  padding: 1em;}

How do we architect encapsulated components?



Just a button

<button class="button">Button button</button><span class="button">Span button</span><a class="button" href="#">Link button</a>

Span button Link button


Selected button (modifier)

<button class="button">Button</button><button class="button button--selected">  Selected button</button>



<button class="button">Button</button><button class="button button--brand">Brand button</button><button class="button button--brand button--selected">  Selected brand button</button>

Another theme

<button class="button">Button</button><button class="button button--night">Night button</button><button class="button button--night button--selected">  Selected night button</button>

State as a modifier

<button class="button button--process">  Doing smth button</button>

$element.toggleClass('button--process')  // Sugar: $element.toggleMod('process')

Combine modifiers

<button class="button button--brand button--process">    Doing smth brand button</button>


<div class="input">    <input class="input__field">    <span class="input__keyboard"></span></div>

Blocks of elements

<ul class="menu">    <li class="menu__item">Item 1</li>    <li class="menu__item">Item 2</li>    <li class="menu__item">Item 3</li></ul>

Nested elements

<ul class="menu">    <li class="menu__item">        <a class="menu__link">Item 1</a>    </li>    ...</ul>

Modified elements

<ul class="menu">    <li class="menu__item">Item 1</li>    <li class="menu__item menu__item--current">Item 2</li>    <li class="menu__item">Item 3</li></ul>

Let’s try again

BEM in a nutshell

Miksi? Siksi!

SASS syntax (or LESS)

.block  prop: val    &--mod    prop: val    &__elem    prop: val      &--mod      prop: val
.block {  prop: val} .block--mod {  prop: val} .block__elem {  prop: val} .block__elem--mod {  prop: val}

MindBEMding :-)

$text__family-sans: "Proxima Nova", Helvetica, sans-serif;$text__size--beta: 30;$text__line--beta: 36; $text__colour--base: $color__neutral--dark;$text__colour--alpha: $color__primary;$text__colour--beta: $color__primary;

File structure

components/  header.sass  footer.sass  menu.sass  ...

Multilingual structure

components/  header/    header.ctrl.js    header.dir.js    header.html    header.sass  footer/  ...

Multilingual structure

logo/  logo.sass  logo.svgauth-form/  auth-form.sass  auth-form__background.gif  auth-form.ctrl.js

Multilingual structure

Real life example

One library for many sites

One site, many libraries

BEM CSS Workshop

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