Finnish standards for living areas and transport


Finnish stanrads for the bathrooms in apartment houses is hydro-isolated floor with a drain. If the house is old, such isolation will be made in the nearest planned reconstruction. This is vey useful: no need to install a shower cabin with a tray, you can spill the water into the floor. But no one prevents from installing the shower cabin doors to the place. If there is enough space, you can use inflatable pool for the children without a fear of leakages. It also much nicer for washing the dogs’ paws. As well as for dirrefent household washing activities.

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In Finland, there is hygienic shower in almost all the toilets (in the flats, in working areas and in public places). It can be used as it’ supposed to, and also for some hacks (I will show later).


Helsinki transport agency encourages to give feedback about trams and offers to do so using NFC, or QR-application or on the website.

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In Helsinki area, when you get a card for transport passes, they provide this little folder. It’s back side is reflective so that a bus driver can see you in the darkness and stop to pick you up.

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This is a sign at public parking. You can park 24 hours in working days. At the weekend, whatever long you want. When parking, you should put “parking clock” at the front window.

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To continue about parking by public transport spots: they are not only for cars but also for bikes. At big and small stations. In this abandoned area there are 5 spots, and most likely that’s enough.

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Infographics at a bus station. All the signs and the plan can be read by touching, that helps people who cannot see properly.

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Little details

Rubber boots in Helsinki surgery hospital. In cases the nurses need to help a patient in the shower room.

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