Published on 10/8/2015

Recently we managed to go to Russia by car for a long weekend. This was a trip to my husband's and my hometown Petrozavodsk (Petroskoi in Finnish). Trips to there are quite a challenge as the trasport connection is not the best. Apparently the go-by-car option turned out to be the most comfortable. I recommend all my Finnish friends to have such a trip, at least once in a lifetime. You will see the Russian region which is far different from the metropolitan Moscow and St. Petersburg. And to do so it worths to get some tips.

Published on 9/3/2015

Last weekend I spent in Moscow. This was a short visit after 2 years since I left the city for Amsterdam. I had some business to do but there was also time for walking round the city. It has been changed a lot. However I still think that coming in there with someone without Soviet Union background would surprise them in many cases.

After I had came back to Helsinki I got a lot of questions like "How is it in Moscow?". Ok, in this post I will try to answer.