Published on 8/11/2017


At the weekend, we walk around our area and found this monument /in the bushes/. During the war, when it was going to the end, some territory to the west of Espoo was "rented" by Soviet Union ant they set up there a naval base.

If interested, you can find some details in Wikipedia in English.
And in Finnish.

Published on 8/6/2017

Life hacks and life habits

All say that Finland is incredibly expensive. But I think that not so much, sometimes even cheap.

Indeed, the consuming model is very different here. If practicing old habits (at least old Russian habits), living in Finland would cost a lot. So it is important to follow local life hacks and understand how the system is designed and works.

Published on 7/18/2017

The telegram channel @suomi_en gets updates every day. Here there is the last portion. You will be able to read new posts from the blog, but if you want to get it sooner, subscribe.

This time: shops, city bikes and summer pleasures :-)

Published on 7/6/2017

A couple of years ago, during our first time in Finland, I published a few posts about small things I noticed in my new basic life. Sometimes, there is a lot to share, but these things are not on the same topic. However, still interesting.

As an immigrant, I notice something special every day :-) Recently, I have started a Telegram channel to tell the world about my discoveries. Here it is: @suomi_en.
I also plan to gather those mini-posts here, in old school blog format.

Published on 3/27/2017

For years, we in the family have tried different approaches to organizing home finances. Some did not work for us, some were not interesting to follow, some were not giving any result. But the last couple of years we have been using something that looks fully suitable. This method is transparent, it works for saving and at the same time, it does not make us tighten the belts. Also, it looks like this method is applicable to any volume of income.

Published on 10/8/2015

Recently we managed to go to Russia by car for a long weekend. This was a trip to my husband's and my hometown Petrozavodsk (Petroskoi in Finnish). Trips to there are quite a challenge as the trasport connection is not the best. Apparently the go-by-car option turned out to be the most comfortable. I recommend all my Finnish friends to have such a trip, at least once in a lifetime. You will see the Russian region which is far different from the metropolitan Moscow and St. Petersburg. And to do so it worths to get some tips.

Published on 9/3/2015

Last weekend I spent in Moscow. This was a short visit after 2 years since I left the city for Amsterdam. I had some business to do but there was also time for walking round the city. It has been changed a lot. However I still think that coming in there with someone without Soviet Union background would surprise them in many cases.

After I had came back to Helsinki I got a lot of questions like "How is it in Moscow?". Ok, in this post I will try to answer.