Design systems

My work as a design system specialist includes running the processes related to the design and development in large or regular organizations. It means inventing and shaping the processes through user interviews and data analysis, tuning the management tools and running new ones, working on company culture and increasing people’s involvement, providing technical infranstructure and guiding in design and development.

On this way, I make a lot of research and dicsoveries in technical, design and managing aspects. On this page, I present the public artifacts of my design-systems activity.


  • Pattern journey
    Visual illustration and explanation of what happens to a pattern on its way from identifying to actual implementation and how different the path might be depending on the situation. The Pattern Journey interactive tool helps to make more people in the organization involved into co-creation of design and development value under the Design Systems umbrella.


  • Hands-on with Design Systems
    Full-day workshop about building design system and pattern library (React) in multidisciplinary team. This workshop was given twice - as a part of DFConf Helsini, and the second time on its own.

For private running, I shape workshops up to the need of a specific company.

Articles and posts

  • Design Systems — review of vocabulary and terms
    Design systems standardise and simplify the process of interface design and development, they bring new approaches and form their own ecosystem. However, there is no solid understanding of the concepts and terms forming the design systems. To solve the term inconsistency and provide structured professional language, this article focuses on the vocabulary used in the design systems domain by observing a range of materials on the topic, from both academic and popular sources.
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